Event Info

Don't let these out of your sight!!
General Info
  • Date: 27 April 2014, Sunday
  • Time: 7.30am
  • Venue: Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (MAP)
  • Distance: 2.72km per lap (every team of 3 members must complete 6 laps)
  • Route: Click HERE
  • Finisher Item: A Medal for every participant (1 Team will receive 3 Pisang Medals)
  • Maximum Number of Teams: 150
  • Registration Closing Date: 28 Feb 2014 or upon reaching 150 Teams
What Participants will receive
  • 1 x Bib Number Tag for every team member
  • 1 x Finisher Medal for every team member
  • Drinks: Water & Sports Drink
  • Bananas
  • Ambulance with Medic
  • Post-Run Food
  • Lucky Draw

T-Shirts (Optional Purchase)
  • Teams have the option to top up an additional RM 75 only to get 3 pieces of limited edition Pisang Relay 2014 high quality 2ndSkin T-Shirts for your whole team.
  • You may purchase the T-Shirts during the online registration.

Map of Event Site

Event Site Layout

Relay Format
  • Form your own team, comprising of 3 members, of any gender.
  • The minimum age to participate is 10 years old on event day.
  • Each member shall take their turn to run 1 lap (2.72km) before handing over the baton(s) to the next member.
  • Each team shall complete 6 laps (each member shall run 2 laps, non-consecutively)
  • If any member is unable to attend the event, a replacement is allowed, otherwise the remaining members will have to complete all 6 laps.
Banana as Baton
  • Bananas will be used as a baton, to be carried throughout the relay by the team member who is running.
  • The 1st runner for each team will collect 1 Pisang just before the relay commences.
  • The Pisang Baton(s) must be handed over to the next member within the Pisang Handover Zone before the next member commences the next lap.
  • One Pisang Baton shall be carried during the 1st to the 3rd lap.
  • For the 4th to the 6th lap, the team has to carry an additional Pisang Baton (total 2 Pisang).
  • The first member to start the 4th lap for his/her team must be ready with the 2nd Pisang baton prior to the start of the 4th lap.
  • The Pisang Baton(s) can be carried in any manner but it must be with the running member at all times during the run, failing which, the team will be disqualified due to the Pisang is MIA (Missing In Action).
  • The Pisang should not be eaten during the run :)
Bib Number Tag Collection
  • You may collect it on 
    • 26 April 2014, Saturday (pre-Event Day), between 10.00am to 1.00pm
    • 27 April 2014, Sunday (Event Day), between 6.45am to 7.15am.
    • Please refer to below map indicating the different collection sites

Baggage Deposit Facility
  • We will have complimentary Bag Deposit service for all participants.
  • Please keep the size of the Bag small as we do not have a large space to accommodate many bags.
  • We suggest waterproofing your Bag in the event we have bad weather condition.
  • Do refrain from placing valuables in the bags as the Organiser & Volunteers will not be responsible for any damage/loss of the items and the bag.
  • Please collect your bags by 10.30am on Event Day or they will be disposed.
Water/Support Station
  • 1 x Water/Support Station will be set up along the running route, next to the Event Site.
  • It will be stocked with Water, Sports Drink, Banana, Watermelon.
BYOB/BYOC (Bring Your Own Bottle/Cup)
  • We are promoting the Bring Your Own Bottle/Cup (BYOB/BYOC) initiative as part of our effort to reduce wastage of cups used for hydration.  You may support this initiative through one or both of the following ways:
    • Bring 1 bottle, cup or container of your own.  You may wish to make a marking on it to identify it as yours (e.g. your name);
      • And/Or
    • Carrying your own hydration bag/bottle & refilling it at the water station.
  • You may leave your bottle/cup/container at the Water Station located at the Main Event Site (subject to availability of space) or any location where you can retrieve it conveniently.
  • To fill up, simply bring it to the Water Station & inform the Volunteer regarding the type of drink you wish to fill it up with.
  • Cups will also be provided if you do have your own Bottle/Cup/Container but we encourage you to bring your own.
  • There is no chip timing for the Pisang Relay as this is a pure fun event.  
  • By all means, take your own team's timing if you want some fun competition amongst your team members :)
Direction Sign
  • There will be Directional Signs placed at critical junctions to guide you along the right route.
Waste/Rubbish Disposal
  • Please dispose all waste into the bins and/or trash bags and do not litter along the route or in the park.
Wet/Severe Weather
  • In the event of wet/severe weather with lightning BEFORE the start, the Organiser will delay the start of the event until the weather becomes better.  If the weather remains severe for an extended period of time, the Organiser will cancel the event without any refund of your registration fee.
  • In the event of wet/severe weather with lightning DURING the event, please take shelter until the weather clears.  Continue when the weather turns for the better.  However, if the weather remains severe for an extended period of time, the Organiser will stop the event.  This is for your personal safety.